Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday 6.13.11 Day Eighteen.

"So, Sunday night Kara and Stefen dropped the boys off at my house to stay the night, and Zane was NOT too happy about that. He wanted to stay with Stefen. But, as soon as I told him I would pour him a nice glass of milk he perked up right away.

Today, Monday, we went to Jenny and Chay's house again, and went a little earlier than last time. So we were there for a little over three hours, but I don't think it was still quite enough!

All the boys were in the pool, on the trampoline, running up and down the sand piles.
Again Jude was so good with Noah, just always looking out for him and making sure no one splashed while he was in the pool. At one point just Jude and Noah were in the pool and Noah would tell Jude to "stand up!", then he would splash him, and Jude would pretend to fall into the water. Noah was just cracking up! After about 10 times though, Jude turned to me and said "TT? Can you ask Noah to stop saying stand up?"

I think it finally hit Zane today, having Mommy and Daddy and Sissy gone for almost 3 weeks already. It was the hardest day I think he's had. Starting from breakfast on, he would get upset about almost anything and everything. He has been so great so far! Let's just say, it's a good thing everyone will be home Thursday!

After Jenny's we went back to my house, ate lunch (for a second time), and swam in the pool.

They both got very happy when I told them that they would be staying the night with Kara and Stefen. We also worked on a Surprise for everyone. :)

At their house, everyone took turns riding the new electric tracker that we got Noah. Finally the battery died. Noah got pretty upset, so Jude went over and started pushing him around everywhere. Then, Zane eventually took over and started pushing him.

After such a long day, everyone was still pretty wired!" -Tanya

This is basically how every night ends..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday 06.12.11 Day Seventeen.

Sundays are always busy days!

I let the boys bring their DS's to church and play during practice since we're there an hour early. Once Church started though I told Zane he needed to turn it off and he got really upset. I never really think of him cuddling because he just seems so much older than like, Noah. Well Noah was already asleep on my lap and when Zane was upset he kinda sat close to me so I put my arm around him and then he just curled up next to me as close as he could and fell asleep! He slept through most of church.
Zane holding Noah's foot while they were both asleep. I don't think he would ever do that awake! He thought it was pretty funny when I showed him this picture.

This is what happens when you're not allowed to drink coffee.

The offering basket was being passed around at church and when I handed it to Jude he said, "I have 7 dollars but I forgot it at home."

Zane during prayer..

After church we went home and literally bummed around the apartment for hours.

Stefen was wrestling with the boys and every time one of them would win or lose they'd say, "level 8! Level 9! Game over".

We went to the playground to get out of the house, Zane was sitting on the bench and said, "if you play too much your stomach will hurt"

We were playing tag at the playground and while Stefen was "it" Zane was running around saying, "he's coming for his lunch!"

Since we live on the top floor in an apartment we're always reminding the boys that they need to be quiet because there's people living under us.
Well, Stefen and Zane were talking outside in the parking lot and Zane said, "did you know there's people that live under us underground?" Stefen asked how they get out and Zane said, "You take a screwdriver and hammer".

Zane saw this chair at Tanya's, sat down, and said, "oh a love chair!"

Saturday 06.11.11 Day Sixteen.

Since Stefen & I had to help someone move again, we dropped them off at Tanya's house early in the morning. When I went to say bye Zane said" you're leaving?!" His jaw dropped and he started to cry. I said, "you better beat your game before we get back!" He stopped crying right away and said, "what game?"

Jude and Zane spent most of the day at their friend Chay's house again. When we went to pick them up it was getting dark outside and Zane looked up at the moon and said, "the world is half cut!"

Jude, Zane, & Chay were looking up at the clouds and Jude said he saw a bear. Zane said "sometimes I can see Mario".

Jenny said that Zane might still be hungry because he didn't eat his vegetables and told him he couldn't eat anything else until he ate them. On the way home Jude said, "Mrs. Jenny asked if Zane wanted peas or corn and Zane forgot what peas are because he doesn't like peas and he likes corn."

We went to Tanya's house and hung out there for awhile. Both boys fell asleep not long after we were there and slept on the couch the whole time till we were ready to leave. Stefen had to carry them both to the car, and into our house when we got home.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday 06.10.11 Day Fifteen.

Stefen and Jude got up early, and Zane followed shortly after. I slept in till 8:40! I can't believe I'm saying that is sleeping in... Everyone had cereal for breakfast, except for Zane, he asked for toast with pb and cinnamon sugar. Stefen made it for him and as soon as he put it on the table Zane started crying. Stefen had cut it the wrong way=( Soo, Zane sat at the table for about 30 minutes until he finally decided to eat it.

The boys played video games/ DS's for awhile, mainly Stefen because they always ask him to beat the hard levels for them.
Then they were all going to go outside, Zane got distracted and starting playing a board game that I took himself. I asked him who was winning and he said, "I am!" I should have guessed.
While I was in the kitchen washing dishes I looked out the window and as soon as I did I saw Jude on his bike ride over a little hill, go up in the air, and fall flat on the ground. And then of course right after that Stefen rode over and did the same thing, except he didn't fall hah. Stefen is teaching him some new tricks, hope you're proud!

After lunch I gave Zane some candy we bought the other day, I asked him if he was going to share and he said, "yes, I'm going to share with 4,0030 people!" I guess he's getting pretty good at his sharing=)

Stefen said, "why don't we all take naps!?" and surprisingly they agreed. Stefen tucked them both in on the couches..

5 minutes later this was the outcome of Zane...

and Jude...

Around 3pm the youth pastor and his family came over, we all went to Floral City park. The guys played disc golf while the girls and kids hung out at the playground. Jude went with the guys though because he told Stefen he wanted to play disc golf. He lasted about 14 out of the 19 holes!

Zane did really well playing with the two girls, one of them was 4 so they were both pretty excited about that. Zane said, "I was 3 and then I had a birthday and now I'm 4!" The girl said, "me too!"

While I was talking to a friend about relationships and internet dating sites and Zane said, "the internet is for connecting".

Everyone came back to the house, Tanya & Noah came over too, and we had tacos for dinner. Zane had three tacos, it may have been because there was only cheese and sour cream in them though..
I made a new recipe that had chicken, sauce stuff, tomatoes, and corn all mixed together in the crockpot for the main taco filling. Stefen made Jude a taco with that in it and then put everything else on top; sour cream, cheese, cilantro, and lettuce. Jude said he didn't like any of that stuff and didn't want it, so we told him to try it and if he still didn't like it that Stefen would eat it. He came in the kitchen a few minutes later with an empty plate asking for another one=)

After dinner Jude helped me make cookies and then we put on Thomas for the little kids, Jude & Zane just played the DS's though.. Jude really wanted to play a board game tonight while everyone was here but we told him it would be too hard with the younger kids, so once everyone left and it was just the fours of us we were going to. Jude picked out Monopoly. While we were setting it up though Stefen went to bed because we have to wake up really early to help someone move again. I talked the boys into playing tomorrow instead because "if we play tomorrow we can play for a long time AND Stefen will play with us".

Genesis wrote the boys 3 notes before she even left and they were hidden in the closet. I figured I'd have a lot of time still to give the notes to them, but now that they'll be coming back so soon I figured I'd better get on it! I was still on my computer while Stefen was tucking the boys into bed, I heard them say goodnight and remembered I had the note to give them. I ran in their room with it saying "special delivery! letter from sissy!" Jude of course popped up from bed with a huge grin on his face. Zane was busy playing his DS! Don't worry, once I realized he had it in bed I took it away (he wasn't happy and fell asleep upset with me lol). Jude asked if sissy sent the letter in the mail, I told him no, that she wrote them a few letters an hid them in the house! He thought that was really cool and tried to figure out where they were, but I told him only I knew and I would get them out and surprise them at different times. He loved the letter and had me hang it on the wall in their room.

After I was done reading it I remembered I had made him a calendar. I told him I'd make one awhile ago since, as Tanya & I both mentioned, he asks all the time who will be watching them the next day and the next day... He asked if I could draw a picture of the person that is watching them on each day, but I didn't have time so I just put names. He knew what all the names looked like and memorized who was who. I told him his parents and sissy were probably coming back on the 18th (I just looked at the calendar and realized I'm wrong, it should be the 17th. Oh well, he'll be surprised!) so he kept looking at the calendar and counting the days.

Thursday 06.09.11 Day Fourteen.

Short post.. Amber was really sick today so, they just hung out at Nana & Papa's house with Papa while Amber rested.

Once I got off work Papa dropped the boys off at my house and we went to Michael's to get some supplies to make some fun stuff; markers, scrapbook paper, etc. We then went to Guy & Lindy's house and drew some pictures, then had hot dogs & mac and cheese for dinner. Apparently Zane doesn't like "shells & cheese", so he just had a hot dog..

For dessert we had italian ice (with three different flavors! -Jude) and watched Little Rascals, Jude's movie pick. Jude fell asleep in the middle of the movie on the couch and slept there all night. When the movie was over I told Zane it was time to get ready for bed and brush his teeth, he didn't want to brush his teeth so he went straight in his bed, I was tucking Jude in and doing a few other things and by the time I went in to get Zane to brush his teeth he was already asleep...

Wednesday 06.08.11 Day Thirteen.

Another day spent with April..

"The kids wanted to build another fort and play sorry again, so that was their entertainment for a very long time! I had a dr's appointment, so the kids were bribed with donuts if they behaved in the office, so Zane said when we got in the car "April, I said all my manners. I was nice, and said Hello and please, so I think I need a donut" So, while we were in the car I asked Zane if he could tell me all of his manners he learned, he rattles off a bunch like, "please, thank you", and then follows up with "sorry for hitting you, sorry for punching you, sorry for kicking you" (I'm guessing he's had to use those lines a few times) We went back to their house where they had a DSIxl competition. They started in the living room, made their way to the hall way and then ended up in G's room. I heard Zane say "lets get out of the closet, Jude, it's really hot in here and we might die" lol They are too funny!" -April

Jude posing like an old man

His happy face from eating donuts at the park!

Zane took a little nap while swinging..

At the end of the day

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tuesday 06.07.11 Day Twelve.

The boys spent the day at work/ SLUMC with my mom, Lauren, & Alexis. I'll have to ask Jude later on what they did. Lauren did take a few pictures though!

Alexis, Zane and Jude creating every puzzle that is in the nursery. I called Alexis...Lex and Zane said her name is ALEXIS!

So What's your favorite food?
Zane- Ice Cream
Jude- Besides Sugar?
Me- Yes
Jude- Sugar Free Ice Cream!

So I asked Zane if he is still going to be the baby when his new brothers come and he said "No, I'm gonna be the big man!"

Zane loves Ice cream!